The envelope please...

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The envelope please...
Wed, 10-19-2011 - 7:15am
And the baby goes to....

Team Blue (I think that makes 4 for team blue if my tally is right)

I knew once Dani said she was having a girl, that mine was going to be a boy. Lol

I must confess was hoping for another girl. But he is healthy and that's what matters. We lost a girl in 2010 March so I am thankful he's ok.

Names are going to be hard, I ran out after the first 3 boys. We decided on our last son's name in the delivery room.
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Wed, 10-19-2011 - 8:09am
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Wed, 10-19-2011 - 10:05am
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Wed, 10-19-2011 - 12:32pm

Congrats on your little BOY!!! Yay!! We need more boys

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Wed, 10-19-2011 - 12:44pm

Congratulations on your healthy baby boy!!!

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Wed, 10-19-2011 - 1:35pm
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Wed, 10-19-2011 - 6:49pm

Congrats on your healthy baby boy!!! One more for team blue.

- Leila

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Wed, 10-19-2011 - 10:57pm

Boys are fabulous...congrats!!

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Wed, 10-19-2011 - 11:55pm

YEY! Congrats!

Boys are interesting. They're a bunch of fun...trouble, but fun :) Either way I go, I know my kids will have tractors and hotwheels like me hehe

Boys are catching up!!