Samuel has arrived! with story

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Samuel has arrived! with story
Sat, 03-03-2012 - 9:32am

Real quick here...promise detailed post later.

Samuel Ernest born 2/27/12 at 1:02pm via c/s after 13.5 hr labor and Nubain then an epidural (which worked) but LO's head not fitting through pelvis. He weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces and measured 20 inches long. :heart:

Ok, he is napping so it is time for me to do the same.

**************Birth story*************

We did a bunch of running around Sunday afternoon including returning shower presents, picking up remodeling supplies,


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Sat, 03-03-2012 - 11:42am

CONGRATSULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see pics!!! KUP when you can.


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Sun, 03-04-2012 - 11:09pm
CONGRATS!! I loved reading your birth story. Thank you for taking the time to write it out for us! :)

Actually, I'm glad I wrote my last one since the little details disappear with time. It's nice to go back and read every now and then.

Anyway, Samuel looks adorable! You're one tough mama for going through all that, but obviously, the gift was worth it.
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Mon, 03-05-2012 - 2:28am

Congratulations! Baby Samuel is so precious. Great work, mama! :) Best wishes to you all!

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Mon, 03-05-2012 - 9:56am
Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby boy! He is just precious! Welcome to the world, Samuel!

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Mon, 03-05-2012 - 12:30pm
i was on vacation and missed this!!! my eyes are glistening and i have a HUGE smile on my face as i read this. congratulations, mama!! so happy for you and your FAMILY!!! i hope you're recovering well from the c/s and enjoying your time with your little babe!!!


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Mon, 03-05-2012 - 3:44pm

Congrats!! He's precious!! =)

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Wed, 03-07-2012 - 5:10am
Congratulations, Lydia!! & Welcome to the world baby Samuel! :-) That was such a beautiful birth story. Thank you for sharing it! I hope you're enjoying those newborn snuggles!! :-D Health & Happiness, Brooke
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Thu, 03-08-2012 - 10:51am

So exciting! Congrats! he is such a cutie pie!

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Wed, 03-21-2012 - 4:04pm
Congrats! Glad to hear your lil one arrived safely.
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Sun, 04-01-2012 - 8:35pm

Congrats! Lovely pictures!

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