Anyone Thinking About Baby Names?

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Anyone Thinking About Baby Names?
Fri, 06-24-2011 - 8:38am

What are some of your very favorite baby names?

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Tue, 06-28-2011 - 1:35pm
Some of my favorite names are for boys: Alasdair, James, Eric, Raphael (nn Rafe) For girls: Cordelia, Sophia, Anna Maria, Imogene

My husband and I are always at war over boy names. Of course we are, because all we do is keep having boys! lol He likes more traditional names like John, Michael, etc. Our compromise has been to name our kids Daley John and Ean Michael with that boring (imo) name as the middle name. It does carry on some of his family's names though, so that is good.

For girls we have far less issue agreeing on names. He likes Cordelia. I imagine if we had a girl he would really push for that. For me, however, that name has sort of lost its appeal because it was our girl option when we were pregnant with our first--so now it seems used/worn if that makes sense?

If I were to have a baby today I'd go with Alasdair for a boy, and probably Kayellen/ Kaye Ellen for a girl. The girl's choice isn't my favorite name, but it has become sort of a tradition in my family to give girls double names (I'm Julianne, my cousin is Lou Ellen, her daughter is Eleanor Gayle) and I thought I'd like to keep up the tradition by using my mom's middle name and my mil's middle name.

Good thing all of this is very up to debate! :) haha I think I need a positive test first.