DDBs: March 21-26, 2012

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DDBs: March 21-26, 2012
Tue, 07-26-2011 - 1:45am

Let's get to know each other here!


Single Mom of 6 beautiful children and 3 angels........
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InShock OLD
Gosh i forget the name, it was about the little boy that went to heaven during a surgery
I went on 8/7/11
Inshock with #3
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1. I'm Njahira - 30 years old

2. I live in Kenya (alternating between Nakuru and Nairobi)

3. Last book I read? Don't let's go to the dogs tonight - Alexandra Fuller

4. First Doctor's appointment was at 6 weeks 1 day (can't remember the date, but do remember the weeks, I found out ridiculously early, on the day my period was to begin).

5. White....with some blue.