Hello edd 3/15/11

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Hello edd 3/15/11
Tue, 07-26-2011 - 10:00am

Hi, my name is Jess I'm 29 and have 2 boys 4 and 10. This pregnancy was a surprise and I'm still getting used to it a week after finding out. I can't believe in 7 and half months I'm going to have three kids. I've only told a few people and the boys don't know yet. I had a miscarrage two years ago and had made the mistake of telling everyone right away and of course had to tell everyone that I wasn't so not making that mistake again. Feeling a little sick and tired. So bloated that my pants barely fit yuck. Hope everyone is having a vomit free day!

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Tue, 07-26-2011 - 10:22am

Hi Jess!


Congratulations on expecting your third child and welcome to the March 2012 Expecting Club!

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Tue, 07-26-2011 - 3:32pm
Welcome Jess! What a happy surprise!
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Wed, 07-27-2011 - 1:32am
Hi Jess! We share an edd! Congrats on your pg and sticky vibes to you and that baby!!!!
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Tue, 08-09-2011 - 6:46pm
Welcome and congrats, Jess! I feel like we've met before. :) That is a horrible feeling with telling then having to untell everyone. I'm praying this one is a sticky bean for you! H&H 9 months.

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