A Birth Photographer?!

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A Birth Photographer?!
Tue, 08-07-2012 - 8:53am

Here's an unusual trend for you: Expectant mothers are bringing paid photographers into the delivery room.

According to the New York Times, birth photography is gaining popularity. While many of the babyrazzi keep things above the waist, some mothers reportedly ask for a "crowning shot." Yikes. The ladies worried that this may be the definition of "not your best angle."


What do you think, ladies?  Would you consider hiring a birth photographer?  Will there be someone in the room taking pictures of the big day?

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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 8:52pm
I've never paid a photog, but I have tons of pics all throughout my 2nd and 3rd births and plan on having more this time, as well! Since I birth in the water, there's not always a good shot of the baby coming out...with my son I was kneeling and caught him myself, so unless there could have been a camera under me in the water, no one saw that view! With my 3rd, I leaned back once her head was delivered and my friend did get a shot of her body coming out, but again...it was under water so you couldn't exactly see my "parts" or anything.
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Thu, 08-09-2012 - 9:31pm
Im not into the photo thing. I don't even like after photos. I feel its a private time for me and baby and hubby. We don't need photos, we have our memories. BUT While pushing baby out with DS#2 the midwife moved a large wall mirror so i could see it all happening. With an epidural I couldn't feel whether my "pushing" was achieving anything. But with a mirror in place I could see my body working and my baby being born. I'd do that again for sure!

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