Breastfeeding through this pregnancy?

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Breastfeeding through this pregnancy?
Sat, 07-28-2012 - 10:20am

A few ladies here have mentioned breastfeeding through pregnancy - I'm curious how many of us there are? And what are your experiences wtih it (in your current pregnancy or past pregnancies)?

My two-year-old is still breastfeeding. I have met my breastfeeding goal (two years) so I think I would feel fine about it if he weaned at any point during pregnancy. However, since there are still health benefits for both of us,and since it's still a nice way for us to spend quiet time together (not to mention my secret weapon at nap time!), I'm happy to continue for now.

I feel very grateful that (so far!) breastfeeding while pregnant has not been uncomfortable. However, I do strongly suspect that my milk supply has gone down. His appetite for solids has noticably increased. Also, for a couple months now, I've been trying to limit nursing to bedtime and morning waking, before and after nap (on days that I'm home), and upon reunion when I've been gone to work or somewhere else. Only since pregnancy has he been easily dissuaded from dropping the "in between" feeds.

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Sun, 07-29-2012 - 9:19pm

I would have loved to continue breastfeeding thru this pregnancy. But it wasn't to be. My DS2 decided to wean when I fell preg, I think the milk changed or something. He still asks for "boobies" everyday. Has one or two sucks from each side and then looks a bit disappointed but gets on with playing. Yesterday he just did an open mouth "kiss" and that was it. I really miss it actually. But give it a few months and i'll have another little one to breastfeed. 


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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 3:35am

I successfully breastfed my oldest for 11 months, at which time she self-weaned.  I was working full time so I had to pump every day at work which was very stressful because my boss did not support my decision to breastfeed and pump.

I am still breastfeeding my 16 month old however I am trying to wean her because I'm working full time again and I know that breastfeeding/pumping for both of them will be too much for me.  I'm trying to wean her now because I don't want her to feel replaced when she see's the baby nursing.  She's doing pretty well with it.  We're down to 3 times per day.  I've been through a lot with her.  I've had mastitis a couple times, blocked ducts, pain, you name it.  But we've hung in there and I'm happy to do it.

I will have to pump at work with the new one but, luckily, my new boss is much more understanding.

Good for you ladies who are or have breastfed!!!! 

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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 8:25am

THis will be my third time nursing while pregnant.  Both of the previous times, my nursing babe was right around two (and approxmiately half way through my pregnancy) when they weaned all on their own.  Pretty sure my milk changes and decreases in the middle of the 2nd trimester.  

This time by nursing kiddo is a little younger thant he other two were, so I'm not promising myself he'll wean.  But sort of hoping.  I'm not opposed to tandem nursing though, if it happens. to: Timothy (17), Regan (12), Laurel (9), Ziggy (4), Vaughan (2)
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Fri, 08-03-2012 - 12:22am
I breastfed my oldest through my 2nd pg and tandem nursed the two on them for 6 months until me and the baby got thrush and I weaned my oldest (she was don't to just a couple of times a day for a few seconds anyway). I weaned #2 around age 2 when halfway through the pregnancy with #3. Nursing while pg was a challenge for me because it was very uncomfortable and I know my milk seriously dried up in the 2T. Also I was really sick in the 1T and needed to rest and take care of me as much as possible. So this is actually the 1st pregnancy since my 1st that I'm NOT nursing!
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