Can't eat very much in one sitting?? Huge, pressure feeling

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Can't eat very much in one sitting?? Huge, pressure feeling
Wed, 09-12-2012 - 12:35am

So I am 14 weeks as of this past Monday. I've noticed when I eat, even if I am famished, that I cannot eat a whole lot in one sitting.I don't feel sick or anything, my nausea is completely over. Not that I really had much to begin with lol. But I get this huge bloated, pressure feeling low in my abdomin, like it's my uterus. So  have to stop eating, even if I still feel hungry, or I feel like I am going to burst. It's weird. And I really don't think it's atual bloating, as id doesn't exactly feel 100% like that. Then about an hour later I am fine, and I eat another small portion, only to have to stop again, even if I am still hungry. Whats up with that? I mentioned it to my bf when I couldn't finish the lunch he'd made me and he said,  well at least your eating and aren't sick. lol which I agree with lol. I find myself not actually eating balanced meals, but just bits and pieces of it, then snacking in between to keep from starving. Is it that cramped in there already that my stomach is being squished?  I was getting super hungry just a few min ago and had a banana and some apple sauce, I  still feel hungry enough that I could eat a meal, but yet just from that small snack I feel massive and like I can't fit anything else in there.

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Eating small meals through out the day is actually good for you.  When women are pregnant their digestive systems slow down a little bit so it takes longer for food to digest.  I get a full feeling after eating a little too.  By the end of the day I swear I look like I'm about to have this baby lol!!  It's pretty normal.  take care

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Yeah, it is pretty normal. I get around it by keeping meals light and eating two small lunches and an early dinner. So I actually have 4 small meals thru out the day as well as maybe a piece of fruit before bed.

Just eat what you can and don't stress. Its not about quantity, it's about quality so make every mouthful count!

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I'm at about 6-7 half meals per day. I keep gf bars in my desk at work for my second breakfast and a mid-afternoon snack -- actually I stocked a whole mini-pantry in my desk since I have the space for it....I keep minute rice (the ones in the small containers that you just zap in microwave for a minute), applesauce, pudding, gf bars, and a few other odds n ends like that so I can grab a variety of snacks/second lunches depending on my hunger level since the only gf food item they sell in the vending machines are chips.

I'm also finding that I can't eat much meat of any kind at one sitting.  Not sure if it's cause proteim digests slower than carbs or if this kid is going to be a vegetarian :smileyhappy:  Either way, I wind up eating more plant based foods on a given day than I used to. 

I usually get a lot of pressure up near my diaphram and yeah, I look more like I did when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child and I hit 12 weeks tomorrow.