Diaper bags

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Diaper bags
Sun, 09-09-2012 - 10:12pm

Ok, I'm thinking back15-20 years when my older kids were babies and trying to remember if there was anything special about diaper bags that makes an actual diaper bag a necessity or if I can just use the school backpacks that we have in the house right now. We don't do a lot of day trips due to dh's schedule so the diaper bag would be used mainly for shopping trips/eating out and an occassional weekend trip to grandparents houses.  I am one that hates carrying more than truly necessary.....it is common for me to tuck my driver's license and debit card into my back pocket and take nothing else but my keys.



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Tue, 09-11-2012 - 11:06am
Some of them have all sorts of bells and whistles like built-in diaper changing pads, a "wet" compartment for soiled clothes, a special place for a paci, insulated places for water/bottles/snacks. It just depends on how much of that you want. I tend to use one of the many totes or bags we have lying around!
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Sun, 09-09-2012 - 10:21pm

Well, I say do what you are comfortable with. But for me, my nappy bag is a must! It's always packed and ready so that i can just walk out the door and not worry about weather baby will have jumper, bottles, snacks etc and me water, and everything else i need. I love being organised tho, that's just me. If you are happy with not having one, then don't waste your money!


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