Don't feel pregnant

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Don't feel pregnant
Wed, 07-25-2012 - 3:02pm

So I am about 5/6 weeks pregnant, the Dr says I am due March 9th. I found out on July 14. I missed my period in June. The only real signs I am having that  I am even pregnant are sore nipples and mood swings and mild cramping/sore lower back here and there. But thats its. No sickness, no sore boobs, no nothing. I don't feel pregnant. Is this normal?  I go back to the Dr this coming tues for a full head-toe checkup. Can I expect things to change in the next couple of weeks as far as symptoms? I feel like if things were ok HCG levels would be high enough and causing more symptoms. I almost wish I had morning sickness or something to reassure me that  I am pregnant

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Thu, 07-26-2012 - 2:36am

Girl, thank your lucky stars you aren't having m/s!  I wish I was in your shoes :-)

In all seriousness, every pregnancy is different.  Just because you don't have symptoms doesn't mean something is wrong.  With my DD's, I didn't have any symptoms other than gas and my missed periods.  No m/s, no sore boobs, nothing.  But I've also had 2 chemical pregnancies so I understand your fear.  You may be one of the lucky ones that don't have a lot of symptoms.  That used to be me but now I'm nauseous all the time :-(

Hang in there.  Hopefully your doctor can give you some reassurance.


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Thu, 07-26-2012 - 12:09pm
I am 6 weeks today and other then a little tired a few nights nothing has been abnormal. Maybe a day or two of soar boobs. I had sour stomach with my first and my boobs ached!. I don't remember when I started with the sour stomach but I am like you. I actually POAS again this morning just to reassure myself! Lets hope we stay on the no sick wagon!