I have no appetite.

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I have no appetite.
Thu, 09-20-2012 - 6:52pm

As the crazy nausea is starting to wane, I find that my appetite isn't picking up. (I'm still taking a Zofran pill a day though)   I only really eat because I know that if I don't, I will get crazy sick and throw up.  Eating is a chore that I have to do because I need to for the baby, not because I love food like most pregnant women seem to.  I can't stomach veggies at all, but before I was pregnant I loved veggies.  Meat is also very hard for me to swallow, literally.  If I put a piece of chicken in my mouth, it start to gag sometimes. I can usually snack on an orange or two though.  I also find that if I make something at home, it never sits right with my stomach.  I usually end up eating out and 'trying' to pick 'healthier' options.  I take prenatal vitamins, I just hope that my body and the eating habits that I have recently aquired aren't hurting the baby.

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Sat, 09-22-2012 - 12:38am
I have the same problem as you, although maybe slightly milder. I do get some appetite sometimes, but once i start eating, I can't seem to eat more than a few mouthfuls. can't eat meat at all, or fish. can just about manage some veggies, or fruits. the only think that doesn't make me feel to ill is pasta or potatoes...
I've never eaten so little in my life I think, not even on a diet.
Surprisingly, i'm on week 16, but haven't lost any weight, I'm exactly what I was when I got pregnant.

I have stopped the prenatal vitamins for 2 weeks now and nothing changed at all, so I'll start again, since i'm not eating well, maybe they can help balance my grappy diet.

Nausea is calming down, but there are days where it's back again...
i too hope baby is not hurt from any of this....
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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 10:57pm

I have to agree with the notion of drinking my foods agreeing with me more some days --I call tomato soup and a couple other soups my liquid nutrition....but that is something that is not pg related to me, it's more related to digestive system issues.  I never was able to drink the liquid "meal replaceers" that are in the diet section though.

This pg, it's even harder to eat.  I can eat more variety during the day at work than I can at any other time period but it has to be something liquidy/juicy for the most part in the evenings. So lots of fruits and vegetables for me. Meat sits like a rock in the belly when I eat so my diet has become more vegetarian.



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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 10:33pm
My Dr had the same suggestion as Candice, dropping the prenatal if it's making it worse. I started taking mine with dinner, but am also taking a zofran every morning. I have an appetite and everything sounds good (except guacamole which I used to love), but I can only eat tiny portions which I guess is good. :-p

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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 7:54pm
My controversial reply is to drop the prenatal as they can cause the m/s to be worse. See if after a week your appetite has improved. If it has, you have the answer. Eat very healthy food instead of taking the prenatal. I know prenatals are important but I'm against the idea that they are a replacement for a good diet. Your body will absorb nutrients from real food better than it will from a vitamin tablet.

In the mean time, can you stomach broth or clear soups? Try making a vegie and chicken soup from scratch with lots of fresh vegies and good chicken and plenty of broth. Just swallow the clear soup. Leave the vegies and chicken for someone else. You'll be taking in all the good stuff.

HTH Candice
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