It's a GIRL!! :)

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It's a GIRL!! :)
Sun, 11-04-2012 - 2:08pm

I am so proud to announce that we are having a baby girl!!! I found out unexpectedly yesterday at work. I really didn't think we would be finding out the sex and I was so dissapointed. Buying gender neurtral is easier said than done and I was getting quite stressed and frustrated. This past wednesday I had my wellness US at 19  weeks and I asked the day prior about gender disclosure because the laws here in BC are so back in forth. Most doctors will not tell you because of the high abortion rate due to a large ethnic population. Well the US clinic said the laws just changed two months ago and all I had to do was ask. Then the tech performing it said she could not tell me, only my Dr could, but I just had to ask. So I called my Dr just to confirm and the receptionist said it was illegal for the Dr to tell me unless the US tech had physically, with a pen written on the US report what the gender was. So I was praying she had written it down. Then yesterday a fill in Dr called me to reconfirm I had another US booked for this week, since last week baby wouldn't stay still and then curled into a ball, so the tech couldn't get all the pics she needed. I said yes I have it rebooked and then asked her about gender disclosure since I had heard one thing from the US  place and one thing from the Dr receptionist. She said she had heard different stories as well and that she would just tell me over the phone, but as far as we were concerned she never shared anything lol .So she told me, the report states it appears to be a girl!!!! Yay!!! My wish came true!!! Now I can enjoy baby shopping and I don't need to try and explain to family back in Ontario why we don't know what were having.

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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 8:08am

Congratulations on expecting your sweet baby girl!  Have so much fun shopping for all of that pink.  :)

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Mon, 11-05-2012 - 11:55am

Congrats on your little girl!  What a blessing to be able to find out!  :)

We are all over on the "face" of the "book," if you want to join?!  We'd love to have you over there, because it is a LOT more active!  If you want, you can find us here:!/groups/march2013ec/

Hope to see you there!  

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