My Uniform doesn't fit!!

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My Uniform doesn't fit!!
Tue, 09-18-2012 - 11:46am
So as many of you know I am in the service, more specifically the Marine Corps and we were uniforms. Well I must say mine is getting so tight!! They have maternity uniforms but neither base near me carriers desert maternity cammies in my size they only have extra small!!! I have a set of green maternity cammies but we don't change to greens until time change which is in November this year :smileysad:! Boo!!! I really wish I could get a pair of deserts because mine are so uncomfortable, I have been getting away with unbuttoning the top button of my pants but they are still uncomfortable :smileysad:! Very frustrated!
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Tue, 09-18-2012 - 8:26pm

awww man....hope they can find something for you soon! that has to be the pits!

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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 10:26pm
Do they not have some sort of online ordering system or maybe an exchange with other service women who no longer need them? It sucks to have to grow out of regular clothes, but to not have options for uniforms really sucks! Lol

Hope you find some relief soon! And thank you for what you do for our country!


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