Is this real?

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Is this real?
Fri, 09-21-2012 - 6:52am
I realized yesterday that I'm still not feeling or believing that I'm pregnant. I feel like I'm going through the motions but on the inside I'm not dealing with the fact that I'm going to have a baby in 6 months. I feel disconnected and not ready for this in any way. Yes, I've been sick and yes my belly is big but it's just not real! I told my husband and he asked if I was like this with my other kids and I wasn't, not even with my first that was a surprise pregnancy at 19! What if I don't bond with this baby because I was caught so off guard by this pregnancy? Maybe when I get my 20 week ultrasound things will be different. I definitely need to find some therapy though. I think I need it to get through these feelings. Abbie
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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 10:55am

Hey!!  I kinda of feel the same way!!  I think I have been a little down with this pregnancy because I don't feel like I am allowed to enjoy it or be as happy.  My BF is still going thru a divorce and she is very bitter. I don't want to rub it in her face but it seems like when baby is mentioned she goes of the deep end and tries to make our lives miserable.  I just feel like I can't enjoy this pregnancy.  I should be happy and right now I am just not.  Hugs and go talk to someone if you feel you need too!!  We are always here for you!!

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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 4:36pm

I feel the same.  This pregnancy was a HUGE surprise, and when I finally accepted it, it turned into a high risk pregnancy. 

I've been worrying about bonding, too, but I just keep thinking it will be easy once I meet him or her for the first time. 


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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 6:24pm

Well, it felt real today. I've been setting up for a yard sale...we are down to the wire and we have to be out of our old house by the end of the month so we are trying desperately to sell sell sell so we don't have to move anything we don't need. I'm all by myself setting up because DH has a crazy job and is never home when I need him. So I spent 3 hours setting up this morning and an hour setting up signs and another hour this afternoon setting up and I'm waddling around because my stomach is sore! I definitely feel pregnant and I finally told DH that I had to stop and rest because I'm just feeling 'over worked'. My body knows it's pregnant, it's just my mind that is having a hard time catching up.

I also think that once the baby is born I'll be fine. I love infants and there's nothing better than cuddling with a baby, but I'm also not looking forward to how much more difficult my life is going to be caring for an infant with 3 school aged children who need to be shuttled here, there and everywhere. I hope that this baby likes the car! 


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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 7:17pm

It's starting to feel more real to me recently.  I had my 16 week visit this week, heard the hb....167, took my GTT and I have my us scheduled.  But day to day I guess I don't have a lot of time to really ponder it all while dealing with the schedules of 3 busy boys, work and dealing with the house.  I'll tell you that this pg seems to be going faster than my others.  I can't believe that in just over 3 weeks I hit the 1/2 way mark!

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Sat, 09-22-2012 - 11:10pm
I can kind of relate, too. Because this was such a surprise and so unexpected it doesn't seem very real to me either. I just had this discussion with DH on the way home from our 17 wk appointment yesterday. Hearing the hb helps and I'm starting to feel baby move. I'm pretty excited about this baby, but it still seems pretty surreal! I can't wait tot see baby at my big u/s on Oct. 19. I think that will really help seal the deal for me. :smileyhappy:

I'll be thinking of you! I think what you're feeling is normal. Seems like several of us are feeling that way!
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