Should I think about inducing my labor because of my situation?

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Should I think about inducing my labor because of my situation?
Mon, 08-27-2012 - 4:11pm

I know this is a ways away, but it doesn't hurt to think ahead. (:

Okay, so my husband is in the Army and has been sent to Korea for the next year (until next August-ish).  I have decided to stay here at his last duty station in Fort Stewart, Georgia because we own our house here.  I am also very comfortable here and prefer it to my hometown in Virginia.  I have no family around here, they all still live in VA.  I am not worried about needing help or anything during my pregnancy because all of our friends here have been very excited to offer 'anything I need' while my husband is in Korea. 

For now, we are planning on him saving up all of his leave days and trying to plan his leave around the due date and hope that I give birth while he is here.  If he is not here while I am in labor, I can call the Red Cross and they can help him get here quickly.  He will most likely miss the birth if this happens, but will probably be home the day I leave the hospital/very soon after.  My MIL will probably make it to the hospital before I give birth (unless this baby is in a rush!) (this is my first baby btw)  It is an 8 hour drive from VA to GA. 

I have heard many people tell me still that I should induce my labor so that I can be sure that my husband and MIL can be here for the whole birth.  As of right now, I do not like the idea of inducing my labor.  I want the baby to come when it wants (unless we are going way past the due date (:   )   However many people assure me that inducing labor is perfectly fine and won't hurt the baby, or make my labor longer/more painful.  Have any of you ladies have had to have your labor induced?  Any of ya'll have had your labor induced BEFORE your due date more for convenience as opposed to health reasons? ( I am really interested in the convenience people!)

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Wow. I can see why you'd be thinking about inducing. I'll share my experience with you.

I was induced a week early with my first for no reason other than the convenience of my doctor at the time. If I can be completely honest, it was a horrible experience. My body just wasn't ready. After 22 hours of labor, I was still only dilated to 3 cm and they told me if things didn't change in 30 minutes, I would be going in for a c-section. Miraculously, I went from a 3 to 10 in that half hour and proceeded with a natural birth, but I still had 3 hours of hard labor and pushing ahead of me. I ended up with a serious epesiotomy that didn't heal correctly requiring more attention beyond my 6 week postpartum checkup , my daughter had to be extracted with a vacuum, the placenta would not detach from the uterine wall and had to be physically extracted by my doctor which caused me to hemorrhage. I had an extended stay because I lost so much blood. My dd had serious jaundice. I had a long, difficult recovery and I really think that my body and my baby simple were not ready. I vowed never to induce early like that again.

I didn't induce with my last two and they were pretty amazing birth experiences. Labor was more relaxed and not quite as intense. My 2nd was a week overdue and 3rd was about 4 days early. My recovery was so much easier and my babies were healthier. The difference was absolutely night and day.

I'm sure everyone has different experiences, but this was certainly true for me.

Best of luck to you whatever you decide!
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I personally wouldn't. Your chances of ending up with a c/s skyrocket if the baby just isn't ready to come.
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I was induced with DS #1 due to being three days past my due date.  Other than being stuck in the hospital bed the entire time, It was a great labor and delivery, BUT my son was not ready to come yet.  He never breast fed (which I had HIGH hopes to do!), had severe colic, and reflux, had problems maintaining his body temperature, and never slept!  When I say never slept, I mean it: up three hours, sleep for 30 minutes, then start all over.  It was horrible!

Now I know there are women who have had great experiences with induction, but that was my experience; therefore, I vowed to never be induced again. 

With the next two babies, I let labor come naturally.  It made a WORLD of difference.  I labored at home as long as I could, both breast fed right off, were able to maintain body temperatures, were more easy going, and GREAT sleepers. 

I understand your need to seek answers and make a decision.  :smileyhappy:  You really are in a tough spot!  I'll pray and hope that whatever you decide goes perfectly.  :smileyhappy: 



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