There sure are a lot of all boys/all girls in this group!

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There sure are a lot of all boys/all girls in this group!
Mon, 09-24-2012 - 6:47am
I was just reading through some posts and realized that this board has a lot of moms with kids of all the same gender. It will be interesting to see how many of us find out if we are finally breaking the cycle! I have three boys and although I don't have my hopes up and I'm expecting a boy, it would be shocking and I'd probably freak out and cry if it ends up being a girl. I find out October 22. What about you? Abbie
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We have 2 girls and this baby was an oops :-) so we're really hoping it's a boy. But I would love another girl too! I just want to make DH happy. I probaby won't find out until around Nove 1st.
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I have two, one of each.
we are split on this one, few thinking boy some girl...we don't find out
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You have to see my post in Appointment Updates!  We broke our cycle, and are so excited!  =)

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And I'm the opposite! 3 girls here. DH would LOVE a boy, but either way we are just thrilled to be having another little one. I grew up in a family of all girls, too, so I'm not sure I would even know what to do with a boy if it goes that way. Can't wait to find out... a few more weeks... :smileyhappy:

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I have three boys too! I have expected this one to be another since I found out I was pg. I have a boy name even but haven't thought much about a girl until I went for my sequential screening at 13 weeks and they couldn't find boy parts. It may mean nothing and he could grow something by my next sono but this is the first time I have thought a girl is a real possibility. I am still nauseaus everyday and I was over it by now with the other three. My next sono is Oct 16. Good luck girls!


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I have 3 boys as well and I think my reaction to a girl would be the same as yours.  I almost can't imagine a girl but would be thrilled to experience it!  I find out on October 15th.  Love my 3 boys and would be thrilled to add another as well so we'll see!

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