What "Baby Gear" do you have your heart set on so far?

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What "Baby Gear" do you have your heart set on so far?
Wed, 09-05-2012 - 1:09am

I know it's really early, but I'm starting to make a list of the stuff I need.  We thought we were done I had started to give some things away.  Since this is baby #4, I know that a lot of the stuff I got with Baby #1 was just plain unnecessary.  Some of my stuff is worn out after kids (like the stroller!).

A few things I need/want:


Car seat

Stroller (Perhaps a travel system with that comes with the car seat, but haven't even started to look yet.  Recommendations?  I had an Eddie Bauer one that I loved, but the carseat is expired and the stroller is shot.  We took that thing EVERYWHERE and its going on 9 years old.)

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag (Totally out of my price range, but I LOVE them.  I want something totally stylish and practical.)

Changing Table  (The one we had before was recalled.)

Moby Wrap  (LOVED this!  I just gave mine away to my sister for my new nephew right before I found out I was pregnant.)


So that's my short list so far.  I'm sure I'll be adding to this as time goes on.  I am also converting our guest room into a nursery so there will be all kinds of lovely things to purchase for that.  :smileyhappy:



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Ahh Cant believe its that time for you guys to be thinking about this! Befor eyou know it your LO"s will be here.. Pack n Play is definitely useful. I do admit I wish I had a crib (no money right now) My LO still used her Pack n Play. Nursing Bras were a must have. She pretty much lived in sleepers and onsies. And I wish i had a wrap because she was colicky the first 4 months. And i thought id get the bfing thing down fast but ended up needing a pump right away so I would suggest one of those if you can afford one

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I also gave away most of my stuff because I was "done"

I'll definitely need a new infant seat
I'm thinking of a pack n play for this one...never had one before
if I can't get any of my wraps/slings back, I'll need new ones

I've given away ALL my baby clothes...so that will be a must.

This is my SO's 1st and the first grandbaby on his side...he has a big family...so between their need to spoil this baby and all my mom friends who are offering to give me stuff when they are done, I think we will be pretty taken care of!
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I'd really love a different house as this one is a "2.5" bedroom house and there is barely room for my 20 yo college junior in the "half bedroom", my 15 yo hs sophmore is in the back bedroom and dh & I are in the front bedroom.  Our bedroom is just wide enough for two nightstands and a queen sized bed and there isn't room at the foot of the bed as that is where the dresser that dh & I share is. I'd love some ideas for creating a place for the baby to sleep in a space that is narrower than 3 feet.  Fortunately, dh should be graduating (PhD) a few months after the baby is born so it is possible that we'll be moving to a different house (and or state) next summer.

I also want one of the "high chairs" that you strap to a regular chair again.  I had one with my 15 yo and I'd take it with us even for ex's squadron get togethers and set it up on the ground/concrete patio -- no worries about him falling off the picnic tables.  I covered the chair it sat on with a huge cheap beach towel and threw the towel into the wash when needed.

I don't have room for a swing or any other big baby items in this house so I'll have to do without those.

Debating the stroller/car seat possibilities still. I didn't have a travel system with either of my two older kids and we got along fine without it.....but the idea of just snapping the car seat to the stroller today........

I wish they made the kind of sippy cup I had with my older ones still today -- we have three of those tumblers still in use today but no longer have the lids.