What's Your Plan for Maternity Leave?

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What's Your Plan for Maternity Leave?
Thu, 01-24-2013 - 8:46am

Not that we needed another reason to convince us that extended maternity leave should be an option for all working women, but new research shows when moms-to-be stayed on the job past eight months of pregnancy, their babies weighed less than those born to moms who stopped working earlier.

The Guardian in London reports the study out of the University of Essex, using data from one U.S. report and two U.K. studies, found the half (.5) pound average difference was the same weight disparity shown between smoking and non-smoking pregnant moms. [Enter your own work-can-be-dangerous-to-your-health joke here.]

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Interesting!  I know it isn't always possible to take an extended maternity leave. Will you work up until your due date? Take some time off before baby arrives?  What's your plan for taking time off?

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