Cautiously stepping into the room....

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Cautiously stepping into the room....
Fri, 07-06-2012 - 7:19pm

So I just took a test and it was immediately positive!  I am very nervous because last september I had a missed miscarriage.  Every month since then my periods have been late but all negative test.  This time my last period was May 25 and I'm already nauseous and my breast are tender.  I didn't bother taking a test when my period was late this time, and only considered it when I started having that all day funny feeling in my belly the past two days.  I think i'm still in shock! 

Also, does anybody know if doctors willingly do earlier ultrasounds than usual for women who have had miscarriages?  My last pregnancy I had an U/S at 12wks and that was when we found out.  I don't want to want that long, just to know if everything is ok, ya know? (:

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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 2:03pm

Hi, I'm also cautiously stepping into the room.  I have met women whos doctors gave them an earlier ultrasound due to their miscarriages, but my doctors wont do it.  I think it really depends.  My pregnancy is immediately following a miscarriage and my doctor is still making me wait until my HCG hits 10,000 before giving me one.  I wish they would give a courtesy ultrasound to all of us who have suffered a miscarriage if for nothing else but a peice of mind! Praying for a sticky bean for you!! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Cautiously stepping into the room....
Tue, 07-31-2012 - 11:48pm
You are preaching to the choir here with me when it comes to Tricare. I have had infertility issues my whole 8 years of marriage. I was blessed with my daughter almost 6 years ago but have been trying since then again. I am now 38 and about 7 weeks pregnant. I would like just once to see the same provider without having to pay co-pays every time. The nurse today told me they want to keep me at the small clinic instead of the Naval Hospital. The small clinic does not have the capabilities to do internal ultrasounds, which is rediculous. I will have to wait unil the end of Aug, and I think that I might be further along. I would be heart broken to find out there isn't a heart beat or something, but would like to know before I tell everyone that I am pregnant. My husband is retired so we are last on the list for everything. Sigh!