Top American Baby Names

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Top American Baby Names
Tue, 09-03-2013 - 8:49am

While bizarro celebrity names (North West, anyone?) are the ones that make headlines, what are American baby names are the rest of us choosing for our kids these days?

Most parents eschew out-there names for more traditional picks, with some gradual influence from pop culture events. In general, the same names appear on the annual Social Security Administration list year after year, with just a few newcomers cracking the top 10 each year. In 2012, the latest data we have available, biblical and Twilight-inspired Jacob (#1 for boys for 14 years now) reigned, while timeless Sophia claimed the top spot for girls.

Here, we explain the meanings of the top 10 baby names for each gender.

Top American Baby Names : Did Your Child's Name Make the List?-

Did any of the names you are considering make the list?

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