Anyoen else look into the chinese gender calendar?

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Anyoen else look into the chinese gender calendar?
Wed, 10-05-2011 - 1:38pm

I run a daycare business, and one of the moms and I got to talking this morning and I was telling her how much I really hope we are having a girl. She asked if I looked it up on the chinese calendar thing. Does or has anyone gone by this? I found a couple online but 2 of them said boy, and 3 of them said girl. Im not into this type of thing,but thought I would look for fun.

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Hi there!

We have a thread going in the Fun & Games folder about the Chinese Gender Chart. Several people have replied so you can kind of see how accurate it has been for them in the past. Have fun!

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In that original post, it differed for everyone.....this is one that I found and is actually the only one that has actually worked for my 1st three kids and says this one is a girls so we'll see in about 14 weeks.
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