Is anyone else keeping the baby names a secret till after birth?

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Is anyone else keeping the baby names a secret till after birth?
Sun, 11-20-2011 - 4:36pm

We have the names picked out (have for a while, actually!), but since there was some absurd drama around the name choice of our third daughter, we've decided to keep the names secret until after the baby is born. We do NOT want a repeat of the family drama!

So I'm wondering, is anyone else not sharing the baby's name? How are your friends and family taking it? So far most people are okay with our decision, but we have definitely dealt with some animosity as well!

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We share with friends/family, but I keep it a secret on youtube until the baby is born.

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Yes, definitely. We just don't like telling our family the names. Granted, it usually takes us forever to pick a name but we don't even tell them options. The only opinion that matters is in our house so we keep it there. I don't need comments on what I'm naming my child and, since it is MY (..our) child, no one else matters.

My mom will complain to no end but she knows she can't make me judge. I think it makes it worse that I'm usually team green so they just don't get any information from me. Lol. His mom always tries to get us to tell never has work. Maybe she'll not try this pregnancy. We genuinely don't have names nor have we even really discussed it beyond throwing out initial names.

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