How early did you start giving your baby water or food

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How early did you start giving your baby water or food
Tue, 07-24-2012 - 3:01am

I just came back from a friend's house, she has two daughters and both of them grew up in Tunisia our home country. My baby started getting fussy and she told me maybe it's time to give him some water as she "noticed that I didn't give him water since I came" to her house. I told her that he doesn't take water and she was so surprised especially that it's summer time. I told her that he's getting all the fluid he needs from my milk so he doesn't "need" the water. 

Anyways, I know in Tunisia we have different traditions, moms start feeding the babies as early as 3 months old (my mom told me that since I was her first shild she treated me to this mix made of nuts powder and spices everyday since I was 3 months old! maybe that's why I was such a fussy baby as I am...(surprise surprise)... allergic to all kind of nuts now! 

With my daughter, her doctor told me to give her a supplement of 2 oz of water mixed with a little bit of apple juice once a day and we did it sometimes not because I think it's a necessity or because he told me to (I believe breastmilk is all babies need for a loooong time) but because she loooooooved having those 2 oz of water so sometimes we would give her some. And then we started her on cereals when she was 6 months old. I think I will do the same thing with Bayram, give him some water and juice every once in a while (if he likes it, if he doesn't I won't bother) and then start him on cereal when he's 6 months old. 

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My mom was just questioning if I should be giving Maxwell water when we were camping last week.  I just told her what I've always been told by our doctor...that breastmilk has all the fluids a baby needs and as long as they are eating and wetting enough they are hydrated enough.  As for solid foods, I know docs around us are recommending to wait until about 6 mo to start but we have always started cereal around 4-5 mo because they usually seem interested in our food by then.  At that time I will have some water in a sippy cup and offer it a few times during the feeding.


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I believe the recommendation is about 4-6 months to start. But it all dpends on the baby.

I say if they are sitting pretty well and are showing interest in food then go for it.  I started at 5 months with my oldest and my middle DS started right about 4.5 months. Personally i NEVER gave cereal. I think its a waste, its just an unnecessary food (IMO). We dont eat  cereals in my house either, so i wont give it to a baby.  I start with veggies, then slowly add fruits meats and spices.

My DS is already eyeing me up when i eat, haha. he is such a big boy, much larger then my other 2 were, I have a feeling he will be ready to try foods earlier, but i will still hold off until at least 4 months. 

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