No Appetite all the sudden?

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No Appetite all the sudden?
Wed, 11-02-2011 - 12:22pm

I usually have the problem of having the need to shovel food into my mouth non stop when I am pregnant but the last few days I just am not hungry and can barely force myself to eat. I dont feel sick or nauseas just zero appetite. Is this normal? Because it took us longer to get pregnant this time I find myself being worried about every little thing.

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Wed, 11-02-2011 - 3:53pm

Can be normal i had the same problem with my dd

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Wed, 11-02-2011 - 8:25pm

I've had that happen in the past.


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Thu, 11-03-2011 - 9:21am

I have been the same for about a week now. I was craving everything imaginable the past feww weeks but now i can barely force a banana down for breakfast. I try and snack on nuts and dried fruit all day to at least get some good nutrients, but even the little handfulls are tough lately.

Hope it come back soon.

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