Thinking forward to Christmas...

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Thinking forward to Christmas...
Wed, 10-12-2011 - 8:26am

iVillage wants to know... what's on YOUR Christmas wish list this year?

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Wed, 10-12-2011 - 10:09am

I want my husband to refinish a kitchen table for me. Our budget won't let us buy a new one, and we have a perfect sized one in storage that needs lots of TLC. We started with two hand-me-down tables given to us from family. I refinished one already, but it's way too small for our family. I want the big one.

Actually, I want all the little house things done... the valve in the pipe leading up to our dishwasher replaced so we can have a working dishwasher, the spickets replaced out back so we can use a hose again. our gas fireplace serviced so it can be turned on safely, a door on our bedroom closet, or at least on our hall closet, so the guests can't see my piles of clothes, the missing tiles in the bathroom replaced, the fence fixed, the silverware drawer repaired.

Lol, the drama of buying a fixer up house. We've done floors, walls, lighting, most plumbing, basement sealing, and most doors, but the little things are so hard to get to! My DH is just getting a Honey-Do-List instead of a present wish-list from me.

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Thu, 10-13-2011 - 12:48pm
What I would really want is money to help pay off credit cards or buy baby stuff. If I had to pick something less practical and more fun, I would go on a small babymoon with my husband -- I'd love to go on a quick little cruise before baby comes.
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