Worst Gift You've Ever Received?

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Worst Gift You've Ever Received?
Wed, 10-26-2011 - 1:13pm

As we all begin to prepare for the holidays, lets take a quick trip down memory lane...

What's the worst present you've ever received?

I think one of the worst gifts I ever received was a used crock pot from a yard sale from my grandma. She meant well as I really needed a new crock pot, but it was still crusted with old food (ewww!).

How about you? What's the worst gift you've ever received?

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Thu, 10-27-2011 - 9:17pm

I'd say it's a tie between the sweatpants my

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Fri, 10-28-2011 - 9:29am
A couple of years ago MIl and FIL gave us a new yard sign for christmas - nice right? Well the problem was it was more "permission" for us to use our own farm funds to buy a new farm sign! All DH's sisters got great big gifts they wanted and needed and we got permission to use our OWN money to design and buy a new sign for our driveway :P dh still hasn't bought a sign...I don't really put a lot of value on gifts so it didn't bother me much but I just rolled my eyes because that is classic MIL - give you something you already own and act like she is doing you a favor :P
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Sun, 10-30-2011 - 8:18pm
A half complete Christmas cross-stitch of a a duck.
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Tue, 11-01-2011 - 10:12pm
My husband bought me a pack of Hersey bars and a ab-roller.. Oh, and a pair of pink fuzzy slippers 4 sizes to small.. All the same x-mas..so, yea, I was very upset! Lol