Bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma?

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Bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma?
Tue, 09-20-2011 - 7:14pm
Hi ladies. This is my first post. Just got a bfp, think I am about 5 weeks and going to see my dr tomorrow. Anyway, I have been sick since sat night ( on top of morning sickness). My only concern is that I am really short of breath. To the point where I have woken up gasping for air and other times feeling like I am hyperventilating. Clearly breathing is important and I was wondering if anyone has ever had bronchitis, pneumonia or asthma during pregnancy? I was diagnosed with very mild asthma due to allergies when was younger but have never needed an inhaler. I think it's bronchitis but the shortness of breath is concerning. Any thoughts?
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Wed, 09-21-2011 - 9:52am

Pregnacy does funny things to asmtha. About 25% of women with asthma who are pregnant get worse breathing problems. Another 25% see their asthma symptoms improve!

I've suffered mild breathing problems my whole life. My allergies can make me wheeze. I got pneumonia 1-2 times a year from the about 4th grade on. I never got pneumonia pregnant, which was so surprising, since I got it every other year! I took an inhaler occasionally with my first for about 3 months, it was better than not breathing. With my second, I had no breathing problems at all.

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Thu, 09-22-2011 - 11:53am
My asthma only flares up when I am pregnant. Good thing you'll be seeing the doctor!
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Fri, 09-23-2011 - 1:30pm
I have asthma that is associated with allergies and weather. Snce the cooler air came last week, I was using my inhaler a few times each day and night. It was particularly bad at night. (right now the weather is warmer and I've been better!) but, if you do not get oxygen, your baby does not get oxygen. Albuterol inhaler is perfectly safe to take during pregnancy. This is my third pregnancy and I have used the inhaler as needed throughout each one. It is very important that your baby is getting plenty of oxygen supply from you. Definitely check with your dr. so you know the right course of action for yourself. I hope it is not bronchitis or pneumonia for you. Feel better!!