Risk of blood clots after C-Section?

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Risk of blood clots after C-Section?
Mon, 10-03-2011 - 2:57pm

I ended up with an emergency

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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 9:00am
I don't think you are being stupid about this at all! I think it is smart to seek out as much information as you can so that you can make an informed decision.

I wanted to share a few links with you to boards here on iVillage. Members on both boards have had a c-section before and they may have some more feedback to share with you on the topic. Best of luck to you!

Cesarean Birthing Support- http://forums.ivillage.com/ivillage/?category.id=iv-ppcsection

VBAC Support- ttp://forums.ivillage.com/t5/VBAC-Support/ct-p/iv-ppvbac

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Thu, 10-06-2011 - 9:58am
I don't think you are being stupid at all. Before getting too worried though, I'd talk to your doctor about your concerns and get their opinion about it as well. Blood clots are a possible complication after just about ANY surgery, not just c-sections.

Luckily, you have started thinking about this early, you still have a lot of time to think about it and talk with people about it before you have to make a decision.
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Sun, 10-23-2011 - 5:38pm
I just had my second csection.. No clots either time thonk its part of reason they get u up asap.. Dr google is pro at makin ppl worry

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Sun, 10-30-2011 - 9:10am
I am looking at my fourth c section and as worried as I am about surgeries in general and all the complications involved I talked to my surgeon a lot before conceiving each one to make sure we were doing the responsible thing. My first c section was an emergency because my son was facing up and he did not turn enough to deliver. we tried VBAC for our second but the same circumstances led to another Csx. We didn't get a choice on the third because they were worried about rupture. Our surgeon assured us that I didn't have enough scarring or trauma to prevent us from having a fourth so we went ahead on his approval but I will get my
tubes tied during this one. My whole rambling point is that you are not silly to worry but as long as you have a good dialogue with your health care providers multiple Csxs don't have to mean problems.
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Thu, 11-03-2011 - 4:28pm

I had an emergency csection after #5 and assumed #6 would be one. I was surprised that my dr recommends a vbac.