Exclusive Breastfeeding "Not the Norm"

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Exclusive Breastfeeding "Not the Norm"
Tue, 11-15-2011 - 3:16pm

When something's been scientifically proven as good for the body -- nourishing, boosting disease-fighting ability and more -- you might think Americans would clamor to adopt it, especially when the bodies it helps are babies'.

But you'd be wrong, health experts bemoan -- at least when it comes to breast-feeding.

A large number of mothers in the

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Tue, 12-06-2011 - 9:27pm
Ive "breastfed only" two kids and will do it again this baby.. id say its as simple as getting needed support and information from a mom who has breast fed multiple kids.. and its difficult for breastfeeding parents who has to work.. i help several of my younger cousins breastfeed their babies.. they called alot the 1st 6 weeks and i drove countless times to their homes to mostly reasure them.. use to everyone breastfed and there was always some one around who new what they where doing handy to help anytime.. it just is not like that anymore.. not to mention the odd double take looks when people realize ur breast feeding lol.. it can make a women rethink it.. so.. stigma, work and not enough or none at all suport and information..
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Wed, 11-16-2011 - 5:18pm
I think it is a lack of good information and true support that is the biggest problem. With good information and education of the benefits of breastfeeding more people would stand up to the opposition from society or non-suportive family. And, so many people give up without attempting to get help or advice. I knew breastfeeding might be difficult at first but it was something I was determined to do. My decision to breastfeed is what led me to choosing natural childbirth (no induction, no medications). I wanted to eliminate anything that could have a negative impact on breastfeeding. Luckily, I had no difficulties and we happily nursed until 13 months. She was exclusively breastfed until about 5 or 6 months. Not to mention, the hospital sends you home with a ton of free formula. :(