14 Week ultrasound. GIRL OR BOY??????

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14 Week ultrasound. GIRL OR BOY??????
Wed, 10-31-2012 - 12:05pm

I had my 14week ultrasound.  Everything looks great and I think I see the signs of gender.  Do you?  What does everybody think???

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Wed, 10-31-2012 - 2:33pm
Oh, interesting! I see three lines, which usually means girl! What did your ultrasound tech say? Were they willing to take a guess so early?

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Wed, 10-31-2012 - 10:57pm

I think the nub is sticking down and may be a girl but it's really hard to tell at this age. I have no idea with mine so far, I have a full US video I uploaded to youtube but my baby was just bouncing around a ton so I never got a good still shot lol.