April Check-in!!

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April Check-in!!
Mon, 04-01-2013 - 8:36pm

Hey ladies.. Whos' still here with me??

name: Jennifer(goincrazymama4)

due date/c-section date: May 8

Have you decided on a name yet: Not yet...still thinking..

How have you been feeling: Like a whale!! Baby boy is so low it is hard to walk!

Worse symptom right now: Heartburn or just plain pressure!

Is your house ready yet: Almost, just got a bassinet, some bottles and diaper rash cream, we still need to wash up the baby clothes..

Anything else to add: My 32 week check up I had some major mucusy discharge that was brown (thought it was my mucus plug) but doc wasn't concerned because it wasn't red.. still freaked me out! Nothing since then, but I cannot believe that we will be switching to weekly appointments soon!! Wow!!

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Wed, 04-10-2013 - 7:42pm

name: Aubrey (kadins_momma07)

due date/c-section date: May 18th

Have you decided on a name yet: Korbin...we haven't decided on a middle name yet.

How have you been feeling: I'm starting to feel pretty big and waddling like crazy now! Between him being so low and me having a full blatter from all ofthe water drinking, walking normal is just not an option anymore! other than that I'm doing okay, typical 3rd trimester discomforts (back aches, heartburn, can't get comfortable) but I'm not "miserable" yet, so that's good!

Worse symptom right now: Mainly lower back/hip pain, shortness of breath sometimes if I'm hot and heartburn...and the heart burn has lightened up a little lately. It used to be really bad and I'd be popping Maalox evey single day, now it's not terrible but still there.

Is your house ready yet: Pretty much! His crib is put together with bedding washed and ready, we have the swing/bouncy seat, car seat and stroller, dresser/changing table...we just mainly need clothes and other things that babies need, and I need a breastpump still. My shower is coming up soon, so hopefully we'll get mor ethings we need and be completely ready!

Anything else to add: I'm just getting super excited, and alittle bit nervous that the end is nearing so fast, this pregnancy did NOT go by slow AT ALL! I'm nervous because I am wanting to go natural this time, and labor out of the bed and do what I can to manage pain myself with no medication/epidural. Wish meluck ladies, I'll need it! I'll have my 36 week checkup on the 24th and they'll do the GBS test and check my cervix for dilation. After that, my appointments will be every week until he's here!! Oh, and he's head down :) Hope everyone else is doing good!

*AUBREY* --- Mommy to Kadin, born on December 3rd 2007 & Korbin, born May 20th 2013!

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Mon, 04-15-2013 - 10:13am

name: Gen :)

due date/c-section date: EDD May 8th, C-section April 26th!

Have you decided on a name yet: Yes, TBA. :)

How have you been feeling: Like Crap, I have SPD issues and everything just HURTS

Worse symptom right now: SPD pain in pubic bone area after short walks.

Is your house ready yet: Mostly, yes. Just need to hang up a few things in her room. :P

Anything else to add: After consults with multiple doctors the anesthesia for my repeat c-section will be general again. :(  They still don't want to touch my spine, but after discussing things with all the doctors involved, I feel more comfortable and my husband will be allowed in the room to witness her birth so I'm ok with things now.