Baby's First Movements

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Baby's First Movements
Mon, 11-12-2012 - 8:23am

Fluttering, bubbles, tickling, gas -- these are all terms moms-to-be have used to describe the feeling of baby’s first noticeable movements. "Quickening" -- the technical term for this sensation -- is tough to describe since, as any mom can tell you, it feels like nothing else you've experienced. But it's often referred to in a?  loving way, like butterfly kisses or fluttering wings. It’s feeling you learn to cherish and is one of the most miraculous and enjoyable parts of pregnancy.​-really-feel-our-community-weighs/6-a-289486?ice=...


I know some ladies here may have already felt the first nudges (and everyone else is probably eagerly waiting to feel them!).  

BTDT ladies, how would you describe those first movements to a first-time mom?

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Fri, 11-16-2012 - 8:52pm

This is my second baby, so I kind of know (or thought I knew!) what it will feel like this time around. BUT I'm totally thrown off! I'm so gassy all the time, or my stomach is constantly making noises or rumbling around or twitching. Sometimes I swear I've felt flutters from the baby in a certain spot, in the same spot I notice a little firmness. But goodness, I'm not sure if I've felt baby flutters or not. I can't wait to feel them for sure though! With my son's pregnancy I don't remember being so gassy, I was pretty sure I was feeling baby flutters with him. In the beginning I'd kind of describe it as, well, feeling sort of like gas, but also like if you'r eina pool and someone walks by you and water brushes your feels kind of like that. When you really feel them though, it's weird but so cool! I can't really describe that. I guess maybe if you were to poke your belly, imagine that from the inside? I remember once I was pretty far along, you could look at my stomach and see a lump where he had a foot or something poking up, and you could push it and he's move around...kind of like a game, it was so funny. So I felt like my son was playful and rough befor ehe was born, and sure enough he is! He'll be 5 in  weeks and I'm so happy to get to experience pregnancy again!! I can't wait to be able to tell gas from baby flutters, haha ;)

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