Citrus to help with Nausea?!?!

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Citrus to help with Nausea?!?!
Tue, 10-16-2012 - 12:44am

I've had all day nausea for 1.5 weeks (feels like 5 weeks) now.  No vomiting, yet.  Food aversions are terrible.  I can't find anything to eat.  I've lost about 3 lbs. in the past 1.5 weeks.  And that was with me mostly laying on the couch.  I never feel hungry, just nauseous.  

So, two days ago, I felt pretty good in the afternoon.  Got a ton accomplished.  I even made some shepherds pie.  I ate a serving when it was done and another for dinner.  First thing of substance that I've eaten.  Then after dinner, the nausea returned.  I started googling things about morning sickness and I came across an article about using citrus fruit to combat morning sickness.  It dawned on me.  My daughter and I both ate an orange after lunch on that day!!

Well, tonight, I went to the store and bought a huge bag or oranges.  I ate one around 7:30pm and three hours later.  I feel NORMAL.   I'm going to be eating them tomorrow, along with sipping lemon water and see how it goes.  I'll report back.  Tongue Out  God, I pray the oranges are working!

***I've been drinking orange juice but it hasn't had the effect of eating an orange.

~ Katie


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