Do's & Dont's for a first time mom!

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Do's & Dont's for a first time mom!
Thu, 09-20-2012 - 3:28pm

There are so many things I hear about what you should and shouldn't eat/drink!  Knowing that all of your are mothers or expectant mothers I would like your opinion! 

I usually have 1 can of soda a day during lunch, the rest of the day is that okay?

My main question is the soda but I'd like to hear your opinion on other common food/drink do's and dont's.


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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 3:24pm

I have been eating deli meat like almost every day this past week for lunch. I'm not sure if I'm craving it or not, but maybe I've just found the right bread lol (Arnold 100% whole wheat) with some good deli turkey, mayo, hot sauce (THAT is my craving, it was last pregnancy too, spicy things!) spinach, tomato, and maybe some cheese...that has been my go-to lunch lately! At my first appointment this past Tueday I asked the midwife what she thought about meat freshly cut from the deli, she said that it's mostly the prepackaged meat on the aisle near the hotdogs you need to worry about, but to limit the deli meat just in case. I have an appointment this coming Tuesday for my bloodwork and first ultrasound (I'm excited) and I'll be meeting another midwife in the office, so I'll definitely ask her opinion on this subject and let you ladies know, just so there's another opinion!

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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 11:05am

I have heard of the lunch meat thing.. though really you could get that at any time so it really seems like something you risk anyways :smileytongue:  I have also heard of not eating soft cheeses...don't do those, so it's no biggy.. Umm.. the meds you take are a big thing to check on, and just  in general things..

No drugs, limited caffiene, no heavy lifting, limited to no alcohol, wear gloves/mask when handling litter, wear your seat belt.. some things are just common sense so try not to stress if you feel like drinking two sodas during the day  (actually had a pregnancy where I craved Dr.pepper.. :smileyhappy:  ) 

Biggest thing is not to stress and to remember you are creating a life inside you, if it doesn't seem like a good idea, it is better to be safe than sorry..