Roll Call for Dec.

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Roll Call for Dec.
Thu, 12-13-2012 - 9:01pm

Thought I would start a roll call for this month..


Due Date:

Hoping for Boy/ Girl/ Surprise?:

Have you had your big u/s yet? If not, when?:

Cravings/ Aversions?:

Any name ideas?:


Worst symptom right now?:

Anything more to add?:

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Thu, 12-13-2012 - 9:10pm

Name:Jennifer (goincrazymama4)

Due Date: May 8

Hoping for Boy/ Girl/ Surprise?:Boy!!

Have you had your big u/s yet? If not, when?: Had it on 12/12 (boy!!)

Cravings/ Aversions?: Love veggies right now and ice cream..really don't like eggs or meat

Any name ideas?:Not yet..

Movement?:Just now starting to feel things every day.

Worst symptom right now?: Heart burn or leg cramps (they're tied)

Anything more to add?:Not really, just can't believe that we are almost half-way done :)

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Sat, 12-15-2012 - 5:32pm

Name: Aubrey Wright

Due Date:5/18/2013

Hoping for Boy/ Girl/ Surprise?: Hoping for a girl..but of course a boy will be great too. Healthy is what matters!

Have you had your big u/s yet? If not, when?: It's coming up on Dec 27th!!!

Cravings/ Aversions?: No serious cravings, every once in a while something will sound really good and I'll go get it, but nothing I have to have all the time. I am having some aversions though, like I used to drink alittle pepsi sometimes if we had it inthe house, well it taste so weird and gross, along with some other too. A LOT of things smell or taste weird, even chocolate is tasting weird lately :/ I've stopped using the ahdn soap in our bathroom because it has a weird smell, my husband's body wash stinks too...lots of things are turning me OFF!

Any name ideas?: We haven't thought too much about names yet, we're waiting to find out the sex to really do some research. But if it's a girl we like Kylie, it sounds good with our sons name Kadin :) But we'll see.

Movement?: I THINK I've been feeling some flutters everyonce in a while, but it's very rare. I can't wait to feel it harder and more often! Most of the time I'm not feeling anything at all.

Worst symptom right now?: Sudden crazy hunger!! Even if I don't feel hungry, the hunger will come and I feel like I haven't eaten in days! I'll get all shaky and feel jittery and weird.

Anything more to add?: Round ligament pain sucks! Oh, and waking up at odd hours of the night and not falling back asleep sucks too!! ;)

*AUBREY* --- Mommy to Kadin, born on December 3rd 2007 & Korbin, born May 20th 2013!

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Mon, 12-24-2012 - 5:04pm

Name:  Gen

Due Date:  05-08-2013 (still, lol)

Hoping for Boy/ Girl/ Surprise?: Just healthy, we found out we're having a girl!

Have you had your big u/s yet? If not, when?: Yes, Dec 18th!

Cravings/ Aversions?: Cravings come and go, it's mostly been wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches.

Any name ideas?:  Some, but we don't announce until birth

Movement?: Yes, quite a bit since the 16th week!  Baby was super active this morning and afternoon! She's a good kicker like her big sister.

Worst symptom right now?:  Back aches when walking!

Anything more to add?: I've been sick and we're moving the end of the week (yes week of Christmas, ack!)