Sip & See Anyone?

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Sip & See Anyone?
Fri, 03-15-2013 - 8:41am

Many expectant parents will buck tradition in 2013 by swapping the pre-baby shower for a "Sip and See" party post-baby instead. Typically held in baby's first month of life, a sip and see allows friends and family to come by to "sip" a drink and "see" your newborn.

"Sip and Sees are becoming more popular because, let's face it, people want to see the baby!" says Jennifer of Jennifer V event design and planning, who adds it also makes sense for friends and family who live far away -- since they can see the baby and attend the celebration in just one trip. It's also a great option for second- or third-time moms who may not want to have a shower, but still want to get together with family and friends. We love the map-themed "Welcome to the World" Sip and See created by A Little Savvy Event and the traditionally Southern one by Kate Landers Events.

This is a fun idea!  Anyone planning to have a Sip & See instead of a traditional shower?

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