Special ways to announce your pregnancy?

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Special ways to announce your pregnancy?
Sat, 09-01-2012 - 1:03pm

What did you/ are you doing to announce your pregnancy to family friends coworkers?

I just flat out told my mom. But it was still special because she was the first person to know other than my husband and with the other she has been the last. With DH family I think I might make shirts that say say "Big brother Jacob, Big Little brother Jesse in May 2013 and wait for everyone to catch on. I dont know when to tell them though because DH wants to wait til the first appt and I am not going to the doc til beginning of Oct.

For Facebook I think I am just gonna upload a pic of a bun in an oven and see if anyone catches on. lol

what are some creative ways you are thinking about doing?

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Sat, 09-15-2012 - 11:55am

We want to get our son a Big Brother T-shirt and go see my mom (my sister and her kids will probably be there too), we won't even say anything, when they give our son a hug they'll see his shirt! BUT I's sure I'll be so giddy and grinning that they'll know something's up! My birthday is coming up on October 11th, and I'll only be about 8 weeks, still super early...we were wanting to wait to tell everyone after the 1st trimester is done, but geez that seems so far away! I'm super bloated and my stoach is already poking out, so I'm wondering how I'll look on my birthday and if I'll be able to hide this belly!! As for facebook and all of our friends, I'll probably just post a picture of the pregnancy test and not say anything, and let the comments roll in! lol

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