Weight gain..oh my!!

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Weight gain..oh my!!
Fri, 11-30-2012 - 2:14pm

Okay..so a little history.. 1st pregnancy, I gained about 50lbs (I was actually small to begin with, and lost pretty much all the weight by 6 weeks pp), 2nd pregnancy, gained about 40lbs... The last 3 pregnancies I have gained between 15-18lbs with each.. Mostly due to nasty m/s during the first trimester, and no appetite in the last trimesters.... 

 This pregnancy I have not really  had much m/s at all and have an appetite constantly..  And I have gained 12 lbs so far!! Which would be okay if I were starting off small to begin with but to tell the truth, I'm about 15lbs from where I really should be!! 

Ugghh.. How am I gonna keep my weight under control... especially when I know I should be eating healthy, but really want so cheese cake and nachos (not together..lol..)

Anyone else having the weight gain blues??

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Sun, 12-02-2012 - 10:55pm

Not so much here, I've lost and haven't put it back on. I lost 65 lbs last year and have been nervous about putting on any weight again. >.<

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Sat, 12-15-2012 - 5:43pm

I actually haven't gained a single pound! And I'm a little worried. I am overweight, so I don't need to gain a whole lot anyway, but nothing so far worries me. I look pregnant, feel pregnant, and can tell my uterus is rising...but the lack of weight gain scares me. I'm definitely talking to my doctor on the 27th at my checkup!

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