What are some things you ladies cant wait to buy???

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What are some things you ladies cant wait to buy???
Fri, 08-31-2012 - 1:54pm

I cant wait to buy a new carseat.I gave my old one to my sister because it hasnt expired yet and is in good shape but it has been through 3 babies already. I am hoping for a girl this time so I can start buying pink and purple instead of blue and green.only 16 weeks til we find out! lol

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I had gained weight before I got pregnant the first time and after the baby was born getting that weight off has been the hard part. The actual baby weight went away within a week. I have never had hips and was actually hoping pregnancy would give me some, but alas.... maybe this time?
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I'm excited about buying the crib.  I was doing some online window shopping and saw a really nice crib/changing table combo on Walmart's site.  Won't be buying anything until about 7/8 months though.

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I am excited to buy a twin bed for DD... lol! I already have everything I need and more.

I guess you could say I am excited to get some boy stuff...but that would only be if it was a boy. haha.

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Since we have 2 boys...I'd like to buy some pink!! Lol:smileywink: