What Is Your Partner Anxious About?

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What Is Your Partner Anxious About?
Thu, 02-21-2013 - 10:05am

Channing Tatum has a little bit of anxiety about baby poop!

Dude, let me tell it to you straight: For starters, even if you train with the Harley Pasternak of diaper-changing, your kid's diaper will fall off at some point and the baby most likely will poop on the ground, the changing table, his/her pants and probably the seats of your car.

Second, because the baby will be a poop machine for the first year of his/her life, there's no question that you'll have to touch it. I'd bet serious money that at one time or another you get some lodged under your fingernails. You'll probably also have to use those hands to scoop turds out of the tub.

Finally, you will be peed on. This is a certainty if Jenna has a boy (tiny penises seem to have minds of their own), but also is likely if she has a girl (despite gravity). My older daughter is almost four and just this past weekend, I had to clean up an accident she had on a commercial airplane flight.


My husband was always so nervous he'd 'break' the baby while changing him.  How about your partner?  Have they expressed any baby related anxieties to you?

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