Looking for Due date buddy/ies for 05/02/13!!

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Looking for Due date buddy/ies for 05/02/13!!
Sun, 12-30-2012 - 7:08am

Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm pregnant with child # 3 and due on May 2, 2013.  I'm 36 years young and can't believe I'm starting all over again.  All my children are going to be exactly 7 years apart!  I'm married to a wonderful man/father anyone could ask for.  I live in Sourthern Indiana and I'm a Registered Nurse.

I'm a High Risk Pregnancy due to cervical incompetence and have had 2 cerclages placed this pregnancy already.  You don't need to be havinga complicated pregnancy to be my buddy.  I'm on strict bedrest and I'm just looking for conversation and new friendships.  If your interested reply back.  I look forward to meeting everyone!


Michelle Kiss


Due Date: 05/02/13 with a girl!!

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I feel like I'm starting over again as my first is 7 and I'm 34 now!  Welcome to the board!