Surprise last night, I'm really due in May!

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Surprise last night, I'm really due in May!
Tue, 10-23-2012 - 2:31pm

So when I got my BFP, I calculated based on my lmp and got a date of June 18th, 2013. But something just didn't add up, I felt fullness as well as some pg symptoms and in my gut, I knew my EDD had to be wrong. Last month I started having pg symptoms and kept putting off buying a test until I had AF, what I thought was AF, and it was a doozy, so I figured, that was that, I'm not pg. But the symptoms kept going, I kept telling myself I should see a doctor but life got busy and it got put on the backburner of my mind (I was still spotting, mind you and the cramps lasted at least 10 days).  

Well...  I was right on the money about stuff not feeling quite right, although I didn't realize how off my EDD really was. I was having pain last night on my left side and started to worry about an ectopic due to how much pain it was. I ended up going to the ER and they did the blood work (HCG was through the roof as the nurse put it), and ordered an ultrasound. 

Turns out, I didn't have AF last month. o.0  (TMI) I had massive cramps and heavy clotting bleed but through all of that, there was a baby still nestled away. While I had symptoms last month and suspected I may be pregnant, I put it out of my mind since I had what I thought was AF. 

So the pain? Left sided ureter getting caught up in ligaments/scar tissue/uterus - compressing it down and causing my pain. I get to cope with it with Ibuprofen and Tylenol, yay! (ugh). Baby? Alive and well at 11 weeks 5 days! (As of last night) EDD? May 8th, 2013. WOW 

So why did I have what seemed like a normal but very crampy AF? They found marginal placenta previa and now my OB visit has been bumped up to a more high risk OB and this week. The crampy part, I'm still unsure about but the OB will be getting a long list of questions from us this week. 

So here I am, Gen, due May 8th, 2013 11 weeks 6 days. o.0

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Wow!  What a roller coaster you've had this past couple of months.  Well, congrats on the earlier due date and welcome to the May 2013 expecting club.


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