8 Wk appt, saw the heartbeat!!

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8 Wk appt, saw the heartbeat!!
Tue, 10-23-2012 - 4:53pm

I'm 10 weeks & 3 days now...I haven't been able to get on ivillage and read posts or reply. I don't know what's going on but I don't like it! lol I want to interact on ivillage again! It looks so white and plain, I hope they get this fixed soon. Anyway,

I had been so worried about the baby in previous weeks but at our 8 week appt baby was larger than the 6 week appt and I saw the heartbeat flickering away! It was in the 160's I believe she said. From about weeks 7-9 I had been getting pretty bad nausea from the moment i woke up until after lunch, then it's come back before bed, it was predictable. Then all of a sudden one day at the end of week 9 I had it in the morning like usual, but felt good before bed! Woke up the next morning and didn't feel all that bad! So ever since then it's kind of calmed down and I haven't been so nauseous. Right now i feel alittle crappy, but I've also had a cold for over a week too. I have a horrible cough that I just can't shake. I had such a bad coughing spell yesterday that when I was eating, I guess some crust from my pork chop got stuck in my throat, and I guess it hit my gag reflex, I couldn't stop coughing until it was out, I basically ended up throwing up a little until it out. My throat is super dry and scratchy, I can't wait for this to be gone! If I wasn't sick I'd probably feel pretty darn good! The other day I was babysitting a little boy, and I could hear my son and the boy playing and tlaking, and my son goes " when my mommy's belly gets big like a watermelon, she's gonna have a baby!" I thought that was really cute :) As far as how I feel, I get exhausted so easilly, and I'm so bloated, my stomach is huge! But apparently bloat doesn't really weigh much, or my scale is broken, but I haven't gained much so far...I swear I feel like I've gained 20 lbs already! Does anyone know when this initial bloat will subsite and I'll actually have a baby belly, not a balloon belly? lol Other than those things I think that's all I have to update on...sorry it's so long, but like I said, for the past few weeks I haven't been able to get on here! I hope all is well with you ladies!!! :)


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Wed, 10-24-2012 - 10:52pm

Hi Aubrey,

So exciting that you saw the heartbeat!  I think I am just about your due date buddy, I am 10 weeks 2 days today!  I have been having a lot of the same symptoms as you mentioned in your post.  Bad nausea for a few weeks that seems to be getting better now (yay!) and a big bloated belly but no weight gain so far. I have been really really tired as well.  By about 9 I am exhausted and that is on a good day!

I have no idea when the bloat will turn in to an actual belly but I would be interested to find out as well!