BP isssues and litterally on almost 2x weekly appts

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BP isssues and litterally on almost 2x weekly appts
Mon, 11-05-2012 - 8:17pm

Soooo heres my lonnngggg update:

Last week I went to my appt and they decided my BP was too high. They sent me to the lab for a HUGE workup and to do a 24hr urnine screen. Then they put me on meds 2x day. And told me to come back on Monday. (Today)

Well today I Went to my appt. They took my BP it was high. Had me lay on my left side. Came back and took it it went down to where it has been for the past week (150s/90s). The doctor came in and told me that my case was discussed at "High Risk OB Monday group discussion." They decided to do more labs. And send me to my primary doctor ASAP for a high BP work up. She also stated that my 24 hr unrine came back fine (what a relief). And my meds were upped to 200mg twice a day (instead of the 100 she had me on). So I go to my PCP on Wedn morning, and will prolly get more labs drawn. And then I come back to her on Monday. I also asked her about the brown spotting I had two morning last week and told her it was a small amount. She asked if it was after sex and I said no. She told me if there is anymore at all to call and she will get me in for an ultrasound. Kinda freaked me out a lil. I thought brown was okay. :/ Anyways. So hopefully this gets itself figured out. The whole thing is stressing me out more which obviously isnt good for my BP. Oh and I guess I have been following the diet good enough! I lost 4lbs since Wednesday of last week! Small victory! :-)

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That really sucks... Losing 4 pounds not exactly a bad thing

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Sorry to hear that, hope things get under control soon, gotta think about your health and the baby's!

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Ugh. That sucks, Mandy.

Sorry to hear you are having to go through all this testing and meds. What a pain! I hope everything levels out for you soon so you can enjoy this pregnancy.

PS - Can I just say how much I love seeing your old siggies? Sweet little baby Izzie. Smile Doesn't it seem like a lifetime ago that we were expecting our little butterflies (and a bullfrog too!)?