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IT'S A....
Thu, 12-27-2012 - 9:28pm

BOY!!! My son was in there too and when he heard boy he very quietly whispered, "Yesssss!" haha, it was cute! :)

My anatamy scan was this morning and it was very clear this baby is a boy! I had an awesome experience today! The regular ultrasound tech was in the hospital sick, so they had a temporary person filling in, and she was slow and getting backed up, they said the wait could be up to 2 hours!!. So there was quite a wait in the waiting room. But I'm so glad I decided to stay for a little while longer and not reschedule, I ended up not waiting too terribly long, and the fact that she was slow during the ultrasound was perfectly fine with me, I got to see everything and not be rushed! It was awesome! Everything was so clear, I knew exactly what I was looking at without her explaining it, I even knew it was a boy before she got that far lol, I saw a glimpse of it when she was trying to look at something else, he kept moving. She was very impressed with my cervix too and took a picture of it for my records, the placenta is nice and high and out of the way. Everything was great, I'm so relieved!! And I waked outta there with 6 awesome pictures! I have been worried because I'm almost 20 weeks and haven't gained any weight, but I got there and had gained 1 pound, I'm glad it was something at least. I was worried that my lack of weight gain would be effecting the baby, but not at all, he's growing totally normal, there's plenty of fluid around him, he's very active and eveything is great. I'm so relieved and pleased with how everything went!!! :)

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Fri, 12-28-2012 - 8:28am

Sounds like a wonderful appointment and ultrasound!  Congratulations on expecting your sweet baby BOY!  How sweet that your son is so excited. :)

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