Anyone else crying at everything on television?

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Anyone else crying at everything on television?
Sun, 03-11-2012 - 6:05pm
Everytime I am pregnant, I cry so easily at everything on t.v. This was one of the reasons I tested last Sunday because I cried at something on t.v. that I know I would not normally cry at. Today I actually cried when a man won a barista contest in a Hallmark movie! Anyone else doing the same thing?


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Omg!! Count me in! Seriously, who cries during Chicken Little?! Yep, I do! ;-) Haha!
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LoL not full on crying but tearing husband kissed my belly today and I lost it tho!
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I cry over everything! Someone getting kicked off Biggest Loser...Tears. Commercial with two people hugging...Tears. One Born Every Minute or A Baby Story...Tears. Shark Tale...Tears. It's crazy!
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Yep crying over little stuff.... Not prepared for this weepyness!