Breatfeeding supplies I wish somone had told me I would need/want. Please add your!

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Breatfeeding supplies I wish somone had told me I would need/want. Please add your!
Mon, 08-27-2012 - 11:13pm

So I really wanted to put something together for FTM or FTBF so that they can gain from our BTDT experience.

1- Boppy. I know everyone seems to buy them now but I can't stress how much mine helped me when I was BF after my  c-section. I actually combined it with my body pillow for a full wrap around and my life was awesome!

2- A sleep nursing bra- now the one I have is all soft and comfy, so much so I barely even feel it. I love it because I can tuck my nursing pads in over night and be comfortable. (what I use

3- Heavy flow nursing pads for nights. Nothing helps express milk faster than lying on your side lol. I swear I was producing milk just to be expressed on my mattress in the few hours of sleep I got.

4- quilted changing pads with the plastic ceners. Again I appear to want to nurse my mattress for a year as well so I would slip one of these puppies under my sheet where my chest rests to save my mattress. Also great if you co sleep and nurse the baby. A little dribble from the mouth doesn't have to become an ugly stain on your mattress. (here is what I use


HTH hope I can learn something new this time around!

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2 sets of pump parts! I was an exclusive pumper for the most past but even if I weren't...washing pump parts gets so old.

Olive oil - I put some in a mini water bottle and toted it around and coated my pump before pumping. It reduced the friction.

One of those hands free pumping bras. Best invention ever hands down! Ha! It is a zippered front bandeau style with two holes in it.

I guess mine is more of a pumping list but maybe it will help someone!
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My list is very short, I never used much (I never leaked and only seemed to make just enough to meet baby's demand with nothing left to pump ever).

1. research on latch to help with early days

2. lanolin creme (or other petroleum free nipple cream) to ease sore nipples in the early days

3. GOOD nursing bra's!!!!! Took me 2 kids to find Bravado bras, they are awesome and I highly recommend them.

4. I never used cover ups when I was out (too cumbersome and baby typically knocked them out of the way) so instead lots of roomy shirts that allowed me to keep myself covered and modest while feeding baby. Also handy tip from my friend you can tuck a receiving blanket into the bottom of your bra before a feeding session to completely cover your belly and then feed away as normal. People often don't realize you are feeding a baby and will come to say hello to the little one, hehe...

5. Keep lots of receiving blankets near while feeding, you never know when they will have a huge spit up that only a receiving blanket can handle (no burp cloths, just receiving blankets)

Last tip - don't panic if you aren't a super producer (like me)!!! You might not see how much they are eating but you can judge by output. I don't remember the numbers (sure it can be found online) but as long as they are having several wet diapers and some poops in the run of the day then they are getting enough and will grow.
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I can second the Bravado bras - they are SERIOUSLY. THE. BEST. So, so comfortable. If you don't want to spend as much money on all of your nursing bras or your budget just doesn't allow, check out Target - they are carrying a line of nursing bras made by Bravado. I picked up a couple of night time bras and they are very comfy and will be handy at night! I have to wear a bra 24/7 while nursing and I hate just just wear the same one all day, every day.

Keep a basket by where you are going to nurse most frequently. Make sure it has a handle so you can move it easily. Stuff a couple of snacks (nuts, a banana, etc...) to munch on during those marathon growth spurts as well as extra nursing pads, burp rags and blankets. Just makes it easier than having to get up to get those things!

If you are sitting down to feed the baby or pump - take a big glass of water with you. Aim to finish it by feeding's end. You will need so much water. I can't express to you how important this is. I actually have to Contigo bottles that I will fill up and have handy all of the time. If your baby is drinking, you should be, too!

Personally, I liked reuseable nursing pads. I made some out of flannel and I also purchased some. In the early days, you might want a few disposable just to get through, but after your milk supply regulates - reuseable rocks!

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Thanks so much for this post! I'm not a FTM by a long shot, but will hopefully be successfully breastfeeding for the first time around with this baby, so I can definitely use any tips that you pro breastfeeding mamas have!

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My Milkies milk saver! Best thing ever invented! I had a boppy and a my breast friend and I preferred the my breast friend. Bravado nursing tanks. for nursing bras
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This was a great topic! I don't really have anything to add except I want to try those tanks/bras. I have worn the same ones last 3 times and want something new this time! I am excited to try them!


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