Day Care Costs

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Day Care Costs
Thu, 08-30-2012 - 11:14am

A recent report by Child Care Aware of America confirmed what many parents already know -– child care is expensive. So much so that families in the majority of states across America spent more to leave their babies in daycare last year than it would have cost them to send a child to college.

Day Care Cost: Report Reveals Where Child Care Is Most And Least Affordable-


Will you be returning to work after baby arrives?  If so, will you be paying for child care?  Has the high cost of child care weighed into your decision to return or not?

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Thu, 08-30-2012 - 1:20pm

I do daycare out of my home. We live on a military base, so I only have 6 slots. My own kids under 8 count in this number so I watch 4 right now. I will lose a spot when my baby is born until next August when my son turns 8. It is a nice way for me to stay home and make a little money. My kids have been in daycare before but on military installations, so I am not sure what a normal price is.


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Thu, 08-30-2012 - 10:50pm
When my daughter was in FT daycare it was about $800 a month. Insane! She's in preschool now and it's almost $500 and doesn't include lunches. We are switching to her PT once the baby comes. Way too expensive!
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