Diaper pails?

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Diaper pails?
Wed, 08-01-2012 - 10:32am

After talking to my mom about diapering.  I realized that I have no clue how to or anything about cloth diapers.  I told her I just couldn't see washing poo in the washing machine.  (Which I was partially kidding.  I get that you dump stuff in the toilet.)  I'd never heard of a diaper pail.  She wondered if people still use those and she sort of explained how she did back in the day.   Then she said when we were kids, they just didn't have the money for us to poop on and pee in and then trash it.  Which... if we could save that money, that'd be awesome.  So.... BTDT moms.  How exactly does cloth diapering work?  How much trouble is it really?  And if I end up having to send Lily to a day care, how will they handle it?

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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 11:46am
There are about umpteenjillion ways to cloth diaper. It has evolved greatly in the last dozen or so years. You can take a really traditional route and use prefold diapers or flat diapers and a water proof cover or you can take easier routes on varying levels. Personally, I use a combination of fitted diapers and pockets diapers and some all in one diapers. DH is all about easy or he just won't do it. A diaper pail isn't really a necessity any longer. I use a water proof bag designed for dirty diaper storage that I just wash when I wash my diapers.
Some day cares are great with cloth diapers. We didn't use day care, but our mother's day out program took zero issues with using cloth diapers. We have a thread or two running about diapers. Your best bet is to do a little peeking around at some vendors (I like kellyscloset.com, GreenMountainDiapers.com and ItsyBitsyBums.com) and get an idea about some of the different varieties. There are several cloth diapering Mommas on board, so we're happy to answer any questions you have!

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An fyi on diaper pails - when i was a kid they were used to presoak diapers. Imo presoak is a bad idea bc it can cause fibers to break down prematurely. I was given a diaper pail but it is only used to hold my waterproof diaper bag c/w dirties. I find it unnecessary but use it bc i have it (keeps smell concealed a bit).
If you have a daycare in mind talk to them about it - most are ok with it (I had to put my oldest in pockets for ease but some will even do prefolds).
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