Im just so proud of myself I have to share! (Not Pregnancy Related)

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Im just so proud of myself I have to share! (Not Pregnancy Related)
Thu, 08-09-2012 - 10:55am

So I know some of you read the post I pit on here awhile back talking about being fired due to this pregnancy and suing my former employer for pregnancy discrimination, well that takes awhile to get everything in order and done, so that is all still in progress, since I was fired later in pregnancy, I tried to find other employment but it was just really hard and no one was interested in hiring me. My husband and I decided maybe I could just go back to school. I left college a couple years ago and have wanted to return for awhile but it just didn't seem like an option. Now I am returning!! I start on Monday!!! Im so excited to know that in a few years, Ill be a Nurse Practitioner!!! I know its going to be hard work, but I am going to do it this time!! Now I have a DH that is HIGHLY supportive and already has told me many times that he is going to do anything he can to help make sure I can do it this time!

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Awesome! Good luck with school! I went back 3 yrs ago and and down to my last 36 credits for elementary ed/music.
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Congratulations and good luck!! I hope you enjoy it. I actually got accepted into the Nurse Practitioner program here and was very sad I had to back out (just not right for us at this moment not to mention the required vaccinations pre school). I hope to be in the same situation in another year or two.
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I am so excited for you! I am so glad your DH is so supportive of you finishing your nursing degree. I know you will be able to do it!

I am still in school, but taking a few semesters off to raise this little one. I am down to between 2 and 5 classes. I still have not looked at my grades for spring semester but have a feeling I might be repeating 3 of the classes because of the morning sickness getting in the way. 

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That's awesome! Work hard, Momma!!

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Yay, congratulations! Nursing is definitely hard work, but it's a rewarding career! I'm an RN and still hope to go back for my master's eventually, but am happy that I made the choice to get into nursing to begin with. Despite some ups and downs, it has turned out to be a great career for me and it has been a great way to help provide for our family. Good luck to you in your journey!

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Very awesome! You'll have your hands full, but hopefully you're one that thrives when you have a lot of things to juggle. I'm so glad DH is supportive! It'll make things so much easier for you. Congrats!

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